Health Insurance

Individual and family health insurance differs from employer sponsored or group coverage as group policies have certain advantages. Most people would prefer to have their employer provide group health insurance coverage. However, if this is not available to you (in certain cases even when it is), it is still important for you to seek coverage. You may be pleasantly surprised with the variety and affordability of the individual and family health insurance options available.

Reports tell us that individuals who do not have health insurance will not visit a doctor unless it is an emergency. Lack of routine physical checkups could mean that an illness or disease is not uncovered. Many times an individual without health insurance will only go to a doctor when a disease or illness becomes full blown and noticeable to him or her. This is unfortunate because many illnesses and diseases are treatable if detected early.

Why have Health Insurance?

Avoiding public hospital waiting lists, having your choice of doctor - these are just some of the reasons why we need health insurance.

Avoid the public waiting lists for surgery

Many medical conditions are subject to Public Hospital waiting lists, and can leave patients suffering from discomfort and anxiety. Appropriate health insurance allows you to seek treatment in Private hospitals.

Increased choice and control of your treatment

Private health insurance generally allows you to choose;

  • The time of surgery,
  • Your doctor, and
  • The hospital.
  • The option to be treated abroad

Additional benefits

Additional benefits can range from ambulance service to a disability allowance according to the plan one chooses to purchase.

Since the quality of treatment in government hospitals is deteriorating and fewer companies are offering their employees coverage, so more people are insuring themselves. Now there are flexible and affordable individual health coverage plans for everyone. Even some people who are getting insurance through their job choose to get an additional individual policy, just because their employer’s plan doesn’t offer enough coverage.

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