About Us


Our mission is:

“To provide our customers with the highest possible level of
advice and services in respect to their insurance needs”


Every individual or company should have access to an unbiased insurance consultant who can answer questions and offer recommendations. Someone who is a sincere advisor, not a salesman. Our vision is to be that 'someone'.


The values that define our behavior towards our customers, our associates and the community are:

  • Customers always come first
  • High moral standards and respect
  • Integrity and confidence
  • Responsibility, reliability and professionalism.


Our values enable us offer our customers consistently high quality, professional services that will be instrumental in developing an insurance conscience in our community. This approach combined with our corporate social responsibility helps us contribute to better quality of life for individuals and the community at large.

Director’s Biography

Stelios Kaparis was born to Cypriot parents in Thessaloniki, Greece. He studied at the University of West Florida (USA) where he obtained the title of B.S.B.A in Economics, and at the University Cyprus (CY) where he earned a Master's Degree in Finance.

Before establishing his own insurance consultancy, he served as a financial analyst and corporate consultant. He entered the insurance industry in 2006 after contacting one of the largest insurance firms in the world. That was deemed necessary in order to be in a position to offer insurance products and services of high value and security in line with his personal beliefs.

In accordance with the Law, Stelios holds all relevant licenses and all essential professional authorizations to practice the insurance intermediation profession. In addition, he is insured with a Professional Liability Insurance against any omissions or damage caused to customers according to EU directives.

As your insurance consultant he is always available to address all your insurance needs.